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Call Center Ticketing System - CRM

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Newton Customer care view is the process of looking after customers to best ensure their satisfaction and delightful interaction with a business and its brand and services.

NewtonCCView embraces the customer care philosophy because it takes a personal approach to a customer’s journey with a brand. We apply this mentalty to our clients to ensure they feel respected and cared for throughout the life of a contract.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing an organisation’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers,streamline processes,and improve profitability.

Benefits of CRM

  • Enhanced Contact Management
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Heightened productivity
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Reliable reporting
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention

NEWTON CRM is designed to help users grow their businesses by attracting, retaining and satisfying customers.

The Ticket Management function is one of the most useful feature of help desk tools.

It is through this feature that support executives are able to answer customer calls and log such communications with ease.

Customers can raise their problems via the business website, email or even using social media platforms. They are also sent a confirmatory email that allows them to track the statues of their ticket and also reach out to the concerned executives within the company.

Automatic Call Distribution - POP UP

An Automatic Call Distribution POP UP is a Telephony Software that answers incoming calls and routes them to a specific agent or department within a company.

The ACDView (Automated Call distribution) provides online scenario of various activities happening in a call center. It establishes communication with PBX over ACD port or over CTI Link. This port once configured in PBX provides event by event information of each and every incoming call.

Establish communication between PBX over ACD port or CTI link

  • Provides detailed activity analysis of incoming calls
  • Helps monitoring Agent’s performance
  • Shows pattern of call throughout day
  • Helps in monitoring agents performance
  • Offers following Modules based on the information from the PBX; – CDR Based ACD MIS – Event Based ACD MIS

Features :

  • Provides live view of Call Centre
  • Provides minute-by-minute status of agent activities
  • Depicts picture of Call Distribution among agents
  • Reveals efficiency of agents attending customers
  • Depicts the Call Pattern through out a day on hourly basis

PAudium Voice Recorder

The PAudium-Classic is a Windows based telephone voice recorder system. It comes as a hardware and software Combo. The hardware unit facilitates terminating 2 to 256 telephone lines. The types of telephone lines could be; conventional telephone line (Analog), Analog or Digital Extension of PBX, or PRI line having 30 channels. The hardware unit changes depending on the type of telephone line.

In above setup, PAudium monitors and logs conversations on Incoming as well as Outgoing calls. PAudium starts logging the conversation the moment there is any activity on any of the agent phones shown above which involves the Trunk Line. The conversation between the Agent and the outside party on the trunk is progressively logged on the hard disk, at the same time it is also available to hear live in PAudium.

  • Concurrent recording of all live conversations taking place on various trunks or PABX extensions.
  • Recording conversations of Inward and Outgoing telephone call as well as calls from extension to extension (Intercom: in case where extensions are terminated in parallel to PAudium).
  • Monitoring live conversations on any line on PAudium.
  • Retrieving conversations based on date and time of conversation.
  • Preparing analysis based on conversation database.

Following are commonly used analysis

  • Usage: Line wise communication traffic
  • Exceptions: Long duration conversations
  • Appropriation: Conversations by Department or Campaign
  • Performance: Conversations statistics per User/Agent
  • Others: Destination areas, Call Patterns, Intra Day Traffic


  • PAudium records conversations of Outgoing / Incoming / Intercom calls.
  • PAudium records conversations on Analog Extensions and telephone lines. It also records conversations on PRI Channels.
  • PAudium offers quick retrieval and hearing of any conversation .
  • PAudium pops up call information of long duration conversation or conversation taken place to specific destination.
  • PAudium facilitates on-demand copying your choice of recordings on a different folder on the same hard disk or any other hard disk on some other computer in the same intranet.
  • PAudium allows only authorized users to access the vital information.


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